Drones!  Drones!  Run for your lives!

 “Oh, so you are spying on people, eh?”  Like any new-er technology or idea, drones are often being misrepresented as Satan’s spy-cam.  It doesn’t help that they are also weapons of war.  There are a number of challenges for a legit commercial drone operator to work around.  Public opinion being the first. 

You can be sure that for every wing nut who thinks it’s a great idea to fly near an airport or stadium, there are thousands of us screaming at our televisions.  The FAA has very strict laws and restrictions around airspace. 

Ask a drone pilot what they are doing.  If they are a certified FAA Part 107 UAS Pilot they will tell you what they are doing and should have their pilot’s license on them.  If you are curious, talk to us!  For safety we may ask you to hold on, but a legit pilot will probably want to answer your questions.


Who am I anyway?

I have a passion for all things digital.  

Music creation and production, animation, video, photography, drawing.  It’s a fascinating time to be a digital artist.  So many easily accessible tools at our disposal.

I have a UAS Remote Pilot’s License which means two things.  1.  I am legally trained to do this.  And 2.  I can officially operate drones commercially.  DO NOT HIRE a drone operator if they do not have a UAS Pilot’s License.  It could cost you $11K!

Whether creating a 360 panorama for a website or editing a video I shot for my local church, I am very happy to be doing this work.  Tell me about your projects and dreams.


What We Do

  • Drone Photography and Video

  • Matterport 3D Virtual Tours

  • Event Photography and Video

  • 360 VR Tours

  • Photogrammetry, Mapping, 3D Modeling, 360 Video and Stills

  • Inspections

  • More

Our Equipment


  •  Photoshop, Lightroom CC

  • Pano2vr, Kuula.co

  • Final Cut Pro

  • Serif Affinity Suite

  • PTGui